tv show joke from Adam 12

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tv show joke from Adam 12

Post  Neil Gallagher on Wed 26 Aug 2009, 17:39

Reed Ė ď This guy goes into a bar one night. Heís this little meat man with . Heís got this funny looking squatty dog on a leash. And he walks up and orders a beer. Just a few feet away from him is another fellow, a big man. He got a great big ferrous dog with him, I mean like the biggest dog you ever saw. I mean like a Great Dane, with teeth about this long. I should of told you. The little funny looking dog was yellow. Well the big guy he looks over at the little guy then looks down at the yellow dog and he barks out laughing. And he says thatís the funniest looking dog I ever seen. And the little guy just nods and says I agree with you. Heís not much for looks, but he sure can fight. And the big guy says un uh my dogís the fighter. There ainít a dog in the world that can whip him. Anyway they went like this for a few minutes. Pretty soon the big guy says, OK put your money where your mouth is sport. Iím gonna bet you five hundred dollars my dog can beat yours. So they made the bet. So the big guy and the little guy they made the bet. And they took the dogs out in the alley. Now the big guy he stick the Great Dane on the little yellow dog. For about ten seconds all you could see is brown fur flying. And pretty soon the Great Dane he takes off with his tail between his legs just whipped. The big guy stood there and shook his head, and said I didnít think there was any dog that could whip mine, let alone a little runny thing like that. And the little guy said maybe I should of mentioned it. Before I cut off his tail and painted him yellow he was an alligator. ď

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