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What is Lockerz??
Lockerz is considered one of the quickest growing sites on the internet. It has been mentioned on many forums as well as news companies.'s popularity is based upon its free offers. Lockerz is currently running in beta mode and registration is quick and simple and points can be earned effortlessly. The reason for its rise in popularity is due to the fact that points are easily earned and those points can be used to get MacBooks, Designer Handbags, Video Games (For all consoles), Ipods, Nintendo Wiis and much more. So basically this means that you can acquire lots and lots of free stuff with little work needed.

How it works

PTZ (what points are referred as at Lockerz) can be earned in 3 simple ways

1. You can earn points from signing on to your account
2. You can earn points from answering the daily questions (also known as Dailies)
3. You can earn points from inviting friends to join

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


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