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Post  KJ37 on Thu 19 Aug 2010, 13:59

Let me tell you about It is a GPT site where you can get paid in your free time. You say that this cannot be true; actually it is.
Over 1350273 members earned $2,055,070.0 (live statistics)!

So how does it work out you say? Well advertisers need to put their products, ads, and websites some where on the web for us, the average internet user, to see. The advertisers pay for advertisers their materials. The user looks through the offers and completes them. You then get paid for your time and effort. Everyone is happy in this triangle exchange; advertisers get traffic to their websites, Points2Shop get money to maintain the site, and then the user gets money for their time and effort.

That is not the only way to get money! Weekly lottos are taken place every Wednesday for big jackpots (up to $150 currently!!). 4 games are currently here: Daily Number Limbo (Guess the lowest number), Shooting Gallery (Hit the targets), Racing, and Tri-Peaks Solitaire (an original card game). Weekly and monthly contests exist when you join a group to put your merits to work. Finally, refering new users can give you huge earnings. You get 15% of what your 1st level referals does in offers, 3% of 2nd level referals, and 2% of your 3rd level!

What are you waiting for!! Sign-up now and U.S and U.K members get an automatic 250 points just for signing up! Order a $1 bill and that will prove to you that this site is 100% legit! Click here and you are on your way to earning big money!

Happy Earning!


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